106 reviews for Confidence Building Journal (Ages 6-12)

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s a creative journal and make them think and write.

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    Anonymous (verified owner)


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    Ashwini (verified owner)

    It is a Very Good Product.

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    Purvi Parikh (verified owner)

    Worth gifting this beautiful journal to your child as it makes them realise so many things of the life like gratitude towards everyone. It discipline’s them and boost self confidence.

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    Gautam (verified owner)

    Kids love it

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    Sejal P. (verified owner)

    Good product

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Hi, I am Anushka, I had gifted this book to my nephew on his 12th Birthday and he is thoroughly enjoying all the exercises. My sister appreciated the concepts and now she is looking forward to such books for an age group of the ’30s😊 as well. I

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    Mohammed Roshan Nawaz R (verified owner)

    Hello Aunti, My name is Roshan, Thanks for sending this book to me. I am really loving this very much. I already learnt close to my 1st reward. Not sure, if my mummy will get me gifts, due to Lockdown. I am really happy for having this book 🙂

    Lots of Love, From

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    Ajeesh (verified owner)

    Hi…. At first heartfelt thanks to Thinklebuds for introducing such a remarkable book. My son loved it n was on cloud nine when he got it as a surprise gift. The activities are engaging n at the same time paves a way to understand n have a better version of themselves.. It provides ways to think about themselves more deeply. The moral stories are good n thought provoking… I’m delighted with the concept. Thanks again😊

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    Nirali S. (verified owner)

    Brilliant concept

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    Anuradha patil (verified owner)

    Excellent product, my 8yrs old daughter loves it. She is excited to read the journal

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    Supriya (verified owner)

    My kid is falling love with this journal. He started following so many things taught in this book. He started getting up early in the morning, doing exercise and following good habits without my assistance. It is really wonderful.

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    SUNIL SHARMA (verified owner)

    Good Product.Quality was Superb.

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    Sonalika MEHRA (verified owner)

    Amazing concept to keep the kids engage and lot of learning and understanding.

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    PARTHIV DAVE (verified owner)

    Quite intuitive and explore creative aspects of child. I am quite hopeful that my son will utilise the same to full extent

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    Savita M (verified owner)

    Good activity book for the kid….

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    Chandrakant Khaire (verified owner)

    thanx for providing this valuable asset to nurture my daughter,as a parent this will be the best gift from me to her which help her to grow and live her life with confidance

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    Tsering (verified owner)

    Hey my daughter loved it. Within an hour, she started asking questions and said ‘mom, you are very understanding’. It touched me. She has started understating her feelings and expressing them. She said I will be a good human being. She loved the page onAbdul kalam. Thank you

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    Mylin Gonsalves (verified owner)

    It has helped my child express better

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    Darshan Shroff (verified owner)


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    Sruthi Mangalampalli (verified owner)

    Too good, keep up the services, thankyou!

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    Shilpa Sud (verified owner)

    Wonderful! My son is very happy with the journal.

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    Dr Rakesh Mishra (verified owner)

    The journal is simply outstanding

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    Heena Parag (verified owner)

    Excellent product very much needed for child to form the habit of journaling helps nurture the child

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    SRUJANA V. (verified owner)


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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice book to enhance the self sence and self esteem of a child.

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    Ashwini S (verified owner)

    I got three sets of the diary and journal bundles and emotion cards too … for my kids and as gifts for near and dear. Must say the productS are really well thought of. Happy to see an indian product like thinklebuds. Keep it up

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    Payal Mishra (verified owner)

    It’s really a different book takes you to the journey of beautiful world of thoughts, imaginations, and helps your child with lots of positive vibes….

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    Anupama Dalmia (verified owner)

    Thoughtfully created journal. Excellent for self-awareness and EQ of a child.

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    Vibha Jain (verified owner)

    Is worth a buy, where kids get aware of issues that help them make better adults.

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    Dhanya Sinulal (verified owner)

    Interesting one

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    Vandana Shenoy (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved the content! Recommended!

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    Divyaasri Balathandayuthapani (verified owner)

    It was an extraordinary experience

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    the concept is good, helps in teaching gratitude to children, and a medium to write their feelings. This will then bring a sense of calm and a learning to manage feelings.

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    Ashwani Sharma (verified owner)

    The journal is really beneficial to my daughter. The way different things and activities are presented in the book is awesome…I suggest every parent to buy a copy of journey for their kids too..

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    Yamini Singhi (verified owner)

    Loved it, truly!

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    Gayatri Gahlaut (verified owner)

    It’s a beautiful journal…just waiting to hand it over to my loving brat

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice topics, and good quality

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    Sanghamitra (verified owner)

    Absolutely lovely journal.. very thought provoking, ticks a lot of child psychology elements and yet in a very innocuous, child friendly and colourful way. Love it! You have a fan!

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    Udai Shanker (verified owner)

    I have just gifted it to my Grand daughter, she has just completed 9years and studying in 4th standard. She likes it and busy with activities and studying.

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    Shadia Antulay (verified owner)

    Simply simply fantastic. Not only my 12 yr but also my 6 yr old has found it fascinating. Can’t wait to buy another product from thinklebud.

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    Priyanka Lodha (verified owner)

    Very helpful in getting the right conversations started and achieving clarity of thoughts.

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    Namrata Joshi (verified owner)

    Very nice concept,my daughter loved it.

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    Dr Anupama Sharma (verified owner)

    It is really a great effort to jot down all these points n compil them so beautifully all together,especially with interesting illustrations.great job.kp it up

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    Samik Santhosh (verified owner)

    We haven’t started on the conversation cards as yet. My 8.5 year old (Samik) was so excited with the journal, he immediately started filling out the pages. This journal has helped him expresss himself very well & put those thoughts to paper. It helps not just children, but also parents to recognise what they may not have been able to see in their child

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    Delina Madani (verified owner)

    Loved the content. This Journal is just like the way i wanted. My son loved it. It is a good way to sit think and enhance my child’s thought process as well as to help build his self esteem.

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    Vandana (verified owner)

    The journal is a wonderful opportunity for young children to unfold their own self. Activities are designed giving deeper thought with great understanding of human’s emotion , social and psychological aspects. Thank you ThinkleBuds!!

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great ideas to motivate teachers and students

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    Sujata Malik (verified owner)

    Best way to explain kids the concepts. My daughter liked it very much.

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    Sana (verified owner)

    it’s a great book for kids helps them to learn about their own self in a simple way.also helps in learning important lessons for life.

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    Pranaya Pawar (verified owner)

    Great Journal. I bought this for my cousin, she loved it. I also read it before gifting it to her and the questions asked in the journal made me think about myself as well. It has covered everything that a child needs to know, if one is consistent with this journal, he or she will definitely get benefited. All the contents are AMAZING! From stories, to interactive activities to asking ‘What you learnt from this?’ ‘Have you had same experiences?’ – really makes one think about oneself. Rewards page & instructions for parents helps children to believe that this is something ‘important’. It’s indeed ‘the best gift for a child’. Highly recommended!

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    Arti Sharma (verified owner)

    Very nice book ..I gifted it to my son his b’day.He says it is wonderful.Best gift he could have

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    Mamta Mohan (verified owner)

    We really loved the book

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    Deepa Kalra (verified owner)

    My daughter loved this book. Highly recommended to everyone. Personally I feel the one who has created the book has put in really a great effort and time. Each page is beautifully designed and the illustrations are very well placed. All sections are very well placed & prepare our kids to face the real world. My daughter spends 30 min with her father before going to the bed, reading the book & filling up various sections on daily basis. This is absolutely a must have for all kids in this age group.

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    GURPREET KAUR (verified owner)

    This is one of the best kids journal i have ever come across which will help in the growth of their personality in an interesting way……will surely recommend it to all😀👍

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    Megha Mehta sharma (verified owner)

    Good purchase for my kid

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    Nidhi (verified owner)

    My child loves sitting beside me when she fills her journal. She shares many interesting anecdotes to support what she writes. It’s like a sacrosanct 15 -30 minutes family time while filling the journal.

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    Thejaswini (verified owner)

    The kid whom gifted very happy & parents of kid also conveyed it is very innovative.

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    Siva rama krishna reddy Thamatam (verified owner)

    Read first story it was inspiring

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    Komal Pandit (verified owner)

    My daughter really loved to share her feelings and emotions with this journal and she loved it.

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    Marsarsuk Tariang (verified owner)

    I was extremely happy with the product, just as I expected, however, the packaging needs to be improved. Since it was pouring heavily in Shillong, and although the packet was plastic covered, the sides were soiled and the posters were crushed from the edges. I would suggest the posters to be rolled instead.
    Thank you

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    Kanupriya Agarwal (verified owner)

    A very sensible and well thought of journal for kids.

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    Melody Sharma (verified owner)

    A good journal. Appreciate the quality n effort in creating such a reflective book! Love the content 💕

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    Madhavi (verified owner)

    This is very useful

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    Ramya G (verified owner)

    My daughter liked the journal.

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    Wasia Sayyed (verified owner)

    G8 book

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    Trayee Sinha (verified owner)

    A thought provoking initiative. Guides young minds to the positive direction and allows to reflect. Very happy to get this journal for my daughter

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    Priyanka Siriguppa (verified owner)

    It’s so well and brilliantly compiled for children of 6+age. I am in love with it. Even the quality of the journal is worth it! Amazing journal. I would recommend it to buy your kids without any hesitation or even a second thought!

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    Reansh P. (verified owner)

    Wow.. really new and fresh concept… amazing book and very attractive.. Its Hard copy book with many exercise. Hope result come colorful. Just small complain – I got bit damage copy. Does not impact but look of lovely book matters.. 🙂

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    Sivana Manchanda (verified owner)

    I’m getting there to go through it all! Reading each page with ease. It is helping me already to know myself , my personality, my likes and dislikes. Good evaluation on myself! I love how each page is different from the other. It’s a book, I can talk to and get an answer 😊Thank you!

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    Ayesha Hashmi (verified owner)

    Love this. One of the best things I ever came across.

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    Nisha (verified owner)

    Amazing journal

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    awesome product

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    Neelam Jain (verified owner)

    It’s a wonderful journal and my son loved it!!

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice product informative and useful for children

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    Sneha Desai (verified owner)


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    Kunjan Patadia (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for this wonderful journal my daughter loved it and its a great tool for self awareness and reflection. Once again thank you its a superb journal.

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    Subrahmanyam (verified owner)

    I gifted this journal to my cousin recently and she absolutely loved it. It is very engaging and connects a lot of things that a child needs. It is packed with beautiful life lessons that can help a child to think, answer, and act.

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    Jaya Kamesh (verified owner)

    Great gift!

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    Aarya (verified owner)

    Loved it

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    Ashish Sharma (verified owner)

    Pls add some more pages or make the book bigger so that more pictures can be pasted as users will like to save this journal.

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    Rehana S. (verified owner)

    My daughter is enjoying the process of journal writing thoroughly

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    Namrata (verified owner)

    It’s awesome and creative …just loved it

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    Richa gupta (verified owner)

    The journals are awesomeness bound in a book … outstanding content …well planned … superb quality… very much impressed as a parent and kids are loving it … The product was delivered timely as committed

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    Vinita P. (verified owner)


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    Rai Mookherjee (verified owner)

    Brilliant Concepts, Wonderful Execution….This is a must for every growing kid and their parents… Loved it.

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    Ramesh T S (verified owner)


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    Smitha S. (verified owner)

    Love only

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    Swati Dutta (verified owner)

    Very interesting

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    Sushma Prasad (verified owner)

    Thank you for such a meaningful book where my daughter is happy to put her thoughts in writing and its really making her happy as she is loving it.

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    Vijitha Maguluri (verified owner)

    My daughter is all excited after seeing the book … She started working with it.. thanks to you thinklebuds .. you guys came up with such great thought which is helpful for this generation kiddos ..

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    Gaurav (verified owner)

    My daughter loves it to the core!!

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    Vijay Yargal (verified owner)


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    Smruti Mohanty (verified owner)

    Awesome product … It brought a big smile on my daughter’s face

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    Dharti Potnis (verified owner)

    My kid just loved and so did I.

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    Pushpa Anand (verified owner)


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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    My daughter loved the journal I bought it is extremely good. She loves to write her experiences in that.

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    SANDHYA (verified owner)

    It’s really good my son just loved it

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    My kids loved it

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    Deepinder Khara (verified owner)

    Great pictures and prompts. Keeps the young ones focused, positively. Congratulations to the team.

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Its a systematic way for learning few important lessons that will be relevant throughout our children’s life.

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    Surabhi M.Raghavendra (verified owner)

    Good Product

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    Prasanna Puvvala (verified owner)

    It a very nice journal. It is a great way to connect and bond with my daughter. My daughter absolutely loves the book and so do I. I wanted to present a copy to her friend. Thanks a lot to the team for expediting the delivery upon my request, so it reached (2 days) on time for the birthday present.
    Thank you so much folks. All the very best.

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    Arnav Parkar (verified owner)

    Good product

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    Nakshatra (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this journal. It’s a great way to help kids explore their emotions and thoughts.

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    Prerna (verified owner)

    My daughter just hugged me tight after I gave her the parcel.
    She loved the book.
    I’ve told her to use it regularly.
    Many Thanks To You

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Journal Preview

Whats inside the book?

Interactive activities

Each story is followed by interactive activities to help child explore topic further.

These activities help them think out of the box & record their thoughts, emotions, likes, dislikes etc.

Short stories

All the 8 topics in the journal start with a short story, introducing the topic.

The story acts as a bridge for the child to understand the topic effectively.

Thought provoking questions

Interesting questions which help the child look at life from a broader and brighter perspective.

These questions also open interesting conversations with family there by strengthening bonds.

Quotes & Coloring Pages

Journal is full of inspiring quotes & coloring pages relating to specific topics.

They will act as positive affirmations & fill the child with positivity

Additional information

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4 – 10 years, Ages 10+, Free

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